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I made this!


I started making bad web comics back in college for my friends. It was fun for and I made them for years. I got tired of it after a while then I got a second wind before finally moving on. If you weren’t a friend who read them back then, you probably won’t care for them now. But here are some of the better ones anyways. The ones I actually enjoy reading.

Moogle Wars

Moogle Wars was the first and best story driven comic I made. It was a spin off from my main series and set as a sequel to Final Fantasy 6. It took place ten years after the game and involved a group of moogles searching for Mog. Unlike the other comics it wasn't over the top epic or 99% inside jokes. I still enjoy re-reading it from time to time.

End of Comics

At some point I grew tired of making comics and decided to merge and end them all, killing off most of the characters in the process. The idea was to have about ten comics where most of the panels were either killing characters off or jokes at my friends expenses. Along the way I found the joy of making comics again and the number of comics swelled up to over a hundred.

There is a lot I regret and would have changed but it is what it is. The story isn't as non-friend friendly as Moogle Wars but it's the other comic I still like to read on occasion. The ending is a flash animation which isn't up. I might add it later.