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Bones' Quest

Bones' Quest was the Project Fun game I made freshman year. It's kind of a puzzle adventure game I guess. Fun games don't run well these days but it's still playable.

There are directions in the game but here are some things to note:
1) If you die or beat a few levels some of the sprites will stop drawing. You can always restart the game and use the level select to continue playing. Hold L + S + (1-6) to jump to a level. Just be aware that this messes with the level progression as well.
2) You can't pick up keys until you get the hat!
3) Hit enter to skip the opening cut scene.

Download Bones' Quest!


Bones' Quest

Bones' Quest 2: Bones in Space

Bones' Quest 2 is the Gameboy Color game I made junior year. It's a simple side scrolling space shooter.

"In the logical sequel to the smash hit Bones' Quest, Bones goes to space. If the first game lacked story, this lacks it even better. The graphics are even worser then before. In Bones' Quest 2: Bones in Space you control a spaceship, presumably flown by Bones, and you shoot Space Mellon Men endlessly or until you die."

The game should run on any Gameboy Color emulator. The D pad move the ship, the A or B button fires your lasers. The other button will fire a large fireball once you kill ten of one kind of enemy.

Download Bones' Quest 2: Bones' in Space!


Bones' Quest 3: Bones Quest Flash

Bones' Quest Flash was the flash game I made senior year. It's similar to Bones' Quest, just scaled down, slightly more polished.

Download Bones' Quest 3: Bones' Quest Flash!


 Bones' Quest 3


This is an RPG currently in the early stages of development. We're moving toward a working demo but it'll still be a while.

Project Giusty Bears

This project is still in the secret development stage. I'll share information when I'm allowed.

Project Card Game

I'm working on a card game. Still ironing out the rules at this point.