Orosaki Productions

I made this!


I started making sprites back in college for various projects. For the most part they were poorly modified Final Fantasy 6 sprites. The style has evolved somewhat over the years but they are still pretty simple. I enjoy them anyway. Mostly.

These are some of the ones I like. Some of them are from actual projects but most of them are just characters I enjoy.

Final Fantasy 6 Style (Generation 1)

Comics Moogles

Steel Tactics Style (Generation 2)

Steel Tactics (Junior Year Game)
Franklin Ishido Ayu

Phantasy Star
Alys Chaz Rune Gryz Kyra Wren

Final Fantasy
Wakka Tidus Rinoa Cid Celes Auron Tifa

Snake Eyes Rock 'n Roll Roadblock Dusty Duke Beach Head Sgt. Slaughter

YoungOne Richard Kika Jacques

Lunar: Silver Star Story
Magic Emperor Ghaleon Kyle Jessica

Soul Calibur
Seung Mina Nightmare Cervantes Cassandra Astaroth

Kazuya Heihachi Bryan Fury

Streets of Rage
Adam Axel Blaze

Dragon Ball Z
Vegeta Tien Shinhan Android 18

Street Figher

Resident Evil
Jill Chris

Kingdom Hearts

Dynasty Warriors
Ma Chao Lu Xun

RPS Style (Generation 3)

Sprites from RPS which is still very in development.


Project Giusty Bears

Currently in secret development.